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Our story

Viimatech Digital Ltd is a 2017 founded Finnish technology company. Offering cost leading IoT solutions to monitor and optimize equipment with electrical motor, especially pumps, fans and compressors. 

The unique solution is based to cost optimized electronics, optimized cloud IT infrastructure and latest mathematical methods for predictive maintenance.

Easy and cost optimised data harvesting

The pump typically moves water or other liquid by providing needed pressure and volume flow from rotational energy. During normal operation the operation is smooth and according to know quantities and values. If there is ab-normal operation like cavitation, unbalance or blockage, this is seen at the rotation and torque of the pump shaft. Coupling connects the pump and the motor. Any problems in the coupling like misalignment is seen at the rotation and torque of the shaft. Electrical motor: Electrical motor provides the mechanical rotational energy to the pump from electrical energy. During normal operation of the motor and connected mechanical equipment the operation is according to know quantities and values. If there is ab-normal operation this is seen at the current of the motor. 

Comprehensive analysis

Motor current contains the information about the operational stage of the motor like motor speed, power factor and efficiency. Motor current analysis reveals also possible problems with the motor like rotor failure, stalling and single-phase operation. And motor current also contains information of the status of the mechanical equipment connected to the motor. Therefore, also mechanical problems can be detected by studying and analysing the motor current. These are for example coupling misalignment, clogging in the pump and cavitation. Current transducer measures the phase current of the electric motor and this value is read by the field device. Ease of installation comes from clamp-on type of transducers. Installation is also safe as the live parts of the motor are not connected and multiple layers of insulation exist.

Equipment status with one glance

IoT field device collects the data from the field transducers analyses it before sending to cloud. Data collection, analysis and data transfer to cloud is optimized according to needs e.g. accuracy, battery life and/or cost. The clod stores, processes and analyses the data send by the transducers via the field device. By analysing the information like motor current, vibration and temperature with advanced algorithms including motor models and pump models, it is possible to get many quantities and processes values. Even prediction of failure modes is possible. Output information can be e.g. motor speed, torque, stalling, cavitation, clogging, coupling problem, wear prediction, bearing failure, unbalance, misalignment, overheating etc. User Interphase gives the user access to pre-definer set of information and analysis results. It is easy to view the status of the whole fleet of equipment via the user interphase. 

Flexible Integration of additional measurements

The field device can collect and analyse data from various sources like transducers and other equipment via electrical signals and/or fieldbus connection. Vibration and temperature transducers detect the vibration and temperature information e.g. from and electrical motor. These quantities contain information of the status of the mechanical equipment like unbalance, misalignment, bearing status, overheating etc. Pressure transducers detect the pressure of the pump output and send e.g. a milliamp (4-20 mA) signal to the field device. Modern electrical drive systems with a frequency converter have accessible information about the motor like current, torque, speed, warnings alarms etc. Information from the electrical drive can be accessed by the field device by using a fieldbus or electrical signal.

Flowplus provides optimized solutions to customers who need to maintain pumps, motors, valves and other critical components. The Flowdicator monitoring service solves the customer's need to have a cost effective way to follow the status and condition of the equipment . This also enables the predictive and proactive maintenance of the equipment before failure.

IoT based intelligent field devices and optimized data transfer together with modern analysis have been developed according to customers' needs and expectations.

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